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Thyroid cancer, also called thyroid carcinoma, is a malignant tumour of the thyroid.
Histopatologi vid papillär tyreoideacancer.

The treatment and course of the disease depend on the type of thyroid cell the cancer originates from. Differentiated carcinomas are the most common type of thyroid cancer (>90% of cases) and include papillary and follicular types. Their cell structures most closely resemble that of normal thyroid tissue, so they are usually less aggressive.  Like normal thyroid tissue, differentiated thyroid carcinoma cells have the ability to take up iodine and can be selectively treated with surgery followed by therapy with radioactive iodine.

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Advances in medicine have resulted in a very good chance of recovery after successful thyroid cancer therapy.
Thyroid cancer hardly causes any symptoms in its early stages and is often only noticed as the tumour grows in size.


Regardless of the type of thyroid cancer you have, it is likely you will need an operation, as surgical removal of the diseased thyroid and examination of the removed tissue is standard medical practice.

Thyroid cancer patient

"In 2000 a lump appeared in my neck. It caused no discomfort, but I couldn’t help noticing it time after time. So eventually I went to see my GP. "

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