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Checklist with questions before you start your therapy

Take time to learn about your treatment options and be sure to ask questions about things that are unclear. Also, talk with your doctor about what you can expect while receiving treatment - you should be comfortable with your treatment plan before you start.

You should clarify some of the following questions and issues with your doctor before starting therapy:

  • What kind of thyroid cancer do I have and what are my treatment options?
  • What is the best treatment option for me and why?
  • Is thyroid surgery necessary?
  • What are the risks of the operation?
  • How much of my thyroid gland needs to be removed?
  • If a full thyroidectomy is deemed necessary during surgery, what is the process for subsequent thyroid hormone replacement therapy?
  • What is radioiodine therapy (ablation), and why is it used?
  • If I undergo radioiodine therapy (ablation), what options are there for preparatory TSH stimulation?
  • Should I expect any side effects during preparation for radioiodine therapy and during actual treatment?
  • Is there anything I should pay special attention to throughout the treatment period (e.g. nutrition)?
  • What is the best way for my family to help me?
  • Can you offer me psychological support if I want to? 

Please click below for an extensive list with questions that you can ask your physicians regarding your diagnosis, treatment and follow up.