Patient stories

Ilona - Thyroid Cancer patientIlona

“In 1996, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 22. My thyroid gland, as well as a few parathyroid glands were removed entirely. As it was a 'good' cancer without metastases, my prognosis was favorable. At the time there was hardly any aftercare, pills would solve the problem.

Over the years, I developed more and more vague symptoms of fatigue and pains in muscles and joints. According to my doctors my blood tests were fine, so I couldn’t have any discomfort.

Thankfully there is an increasing focus on aftercare, which helps me to obtain more quality of life. Over the past few months my doctors and I searched for the cause, and only now I got confirmation that my symptoms were a result of the absence of these glands. Therefore my medication is now being adjusted as precise as possible to the level which makes me feel best.

I work at a travel agency for over 20 years now, and I love travelling. I made beautiful photo albums of all my journeys. I am also a frequent reader, preferably thrillers."


My advice: listen to your body very carefully and be sure to follow your instincts!”

MeiaThyroid cancer patient

“I frequently look at myself in the mirror. I allow myself to do so, because I am a woman. And I am vain. Yes, I like to wear beautiful necklaces and like to use make up. That's why my story begins the way it does. In 2000 a lump appeared in my neck. It caused no discomfort, but I couldn’t help noticing it time after time. So eventually I went to see my GP. He wasn’t overly impressed, but nevertheless he sent me to get an ultrasound scan. It turned out to be a small nodule (a little lump) in the thyroid gland. Nothing to worry about.  So I didn’t. But it grew.

In 2010 I developed difficulties in swallowing, playing the saxophone and singing, so ... get rid of that thing! Half of my thyroid gland was removed, and the results were not good. Follicular thyroid carcinoma.  Bad news. The rest of my thyroid gland had to be removed as well, and treatment followed. A huge shock, but I am doing very well now.

I have a job as a medical receptionist. I make music, enjoy my children and grandchildren and yes, I am on medication. For the rest of my life.”

"A huge shock, but I am doing very well now"